General Contractual Terms and Conditions of Online Currency Ordering

General Contractual Terms and Conditions of Online Currency Ordering

General Contractual Terms and Conditions of Web Order for Reservation of Currency Exchange (hereinafter the “Terms”)

The purpose of these Terms is to set out the rules and conditions for using the foreign exchange reservation service through the web reservation system at between the service provider “Interchange ČR” and the customer using the internet foreign exchange reservation service.

The Terms can be altered at any time without any prior warning. During each reservation the client confirms he is familiar with the current version of these Terms. An internet reservation cannot be completed without the client marking his consent to these terms and conditions. For this reason, it is a good idea for the customer to read these terms and conditions before making a reservation.

1 – Identification of Service Provider “Interchange ČR”
The service provider is the branches of the companies:

  • Global Travel spol. s r.o., registered office: Palackého 715/15, Prague 1, registered number: 00552241.
  • change k.s., registered number: Palackého 715/15, Prague 1, registered number: 49709291

2 – Description of Service Interchange ČR Offers Over the Internet
The foreign exchange reservation service using the Interchange internet reservation system is for customers who travel privately or for business, whether individuals or legal entities, and want to order foreign exchange online. In no case can the Interchange web reservation system be used for the purpose of speculation. In the event it is ascertained that a customer used the reservation system for a speculative purpose or such suspicion arises, Interchange is entitled to cancel such reservation at any time and the customer will be informed of such situation by e-mail.
As a part of the Interchange web reservation system it is possible to reserve only the exchange of a pair of currencies in cash that are, at the current time, in stock at the selected branch or where the required amount is in stock at multiple branches. If the currency that is to be exchanged is not in stock, the customer cannot complete a reservation. If the requested currency to be exchanged is in stock at multiple branches, the customer will not receive a confirmation immediately after the completion of the reservation. In the case of unconfirmed or incomplete reservations, the customer does not have the right to demand a reserved exchange at a selected branch.
A customer selects from a menu the location where he wants the exchange to be realised (centre of Prague, Václav Havel Airport, etc.), he subsequently selects the pair of currencies between which he requires an exchange (including the correctly chosen direction of exchange), where the Czech currency (CZK) must always be on one side, the amount being exchanged and the Interchange ČR branch at which he wants to perform the cash transaction.
It is not possible to make a web reservation between two foreign currencies. A reservation of the exchange of one foreign currency for another can be made only by ordering two reservations, where one reservation is the exchange of one foreign currency for CZK and the other reservation is the exchange of the CZK for the other foreign currency.
If the CZK are on the left-hand side (or at the top in the mobile application) and the foreign currency is on the right (or at the bottom in the mobile application), this is a sale by Interchange ČR. If the CZK are on the right-hand side (or at the bottom in the mobile application) and the foreign currency is on the left (or at the top in the mobile application), this is a purchase by Interchange ČR.
The customer completes all the mandatory information in the reservation form that is required, ie. his whole name, contact telephone number and e-mail address.
Reservations are completed by pressing the button “Complete Order”, then the order form is sent to the Interchange reservation electronic database. By sending the form the customer agrees to the processing of the personal data necessary for the handling of the order (future contractual relationship) and for meeting the legal requirements set out in Act No. 253/2008 Coll. as amended. The customer also agrees to the use of his/her personal data for contact with the customer, if a reason for this arises in connection with the processing of an order and a subsequent cash transaction, or with any contact by email, letter or telephone to ask for feedback on the services provided or to offer other services.
Confirmation of a successful reservation will be sent by Interchange ČR to the customer to the e-mail address that the customer stated during the reservation in the form. Confirmation also contains the PIN that should be submitted at the Interchange branch when settling the reservation of an exchange transaction.

3 – Minimum and Maximum Amount for Web Reservation of Exchange
The minimum amount of a transaction for a web reservation of an exchange is EUR 10 (or its equivalent).
The maximum amount of a transaction for a web reservation of an exchange is EUR 10,000 (or its equivalent).
The EUR purchase exchange rate for the centre of Prague (EUR → CZK exchange) current at the time an internet reservation is made is used to calculate the equivalent.

4 – Payment and Settlement of Internet Reservation of Exchange
Payment and settlement of an internet reservation of an exchange is possible only in cash at a selected branch. For the settlement of an internet reservation it is not possible to use traveller’s cheques, foreign currency coins, expired means or payment or damaged bank notes.

5 – Exchange Rate, Charges, Discounts
If an internet reservation of an exchange is made, there is no fee for the transaction.
The exchange rate for the calculation of an exchange transaction reserved over the internet is only for orientation purposes. If there is a change to the exchange rate on the part of Interchange ČR between the ordering of a reservation and the settlement of the reservation at a branch, the current rate at the time of collection—not that at the time the reservation was ordered—applies.
No discounts for promotional events can be used to settle an internet reservation.

6 – Cancellation of Currency Exchange
Interchange ČR reserves the right to refuse or cancel an internet reservation order in the following cases:

  • The nature or conditions of the task on the customer’s part breach legal regulations;
  • The customer was involved in a past dispute over an order or transaction;
  • The customer does not come to collect the reserved exchange by the end of the branch’s opening hours on the selected day;
  • The customer does not present identification documents when collecting the order at the foreign exchange desk, for identification to the extent of the legal requirements set out in Act No. 253/2008 Coll. as amended. The value has been set by the service provider for transactions over 700 EUR or its equivalent in other currency;
  • In the case of non-stop branches, the customer does not come to collect the reserved exchange by midnight on the selected day;
  • The reserved exchange is not available, where in this case Interchange CŘ will inform the customer of the cancellation of the reservation as early as possible by e-mail or telephone.
  • When settling a reservation, the customer submits expired/damaged bank notes (“expired” bank notes are bank notes that are no longer valid and that have been withdrawn from circulation) or forged bank notes.

The customer can cancel a reservation at any time, by calling +420 603 276 199 (daily from 08:30-20:00), or by sending an e-mail to, or by not collecting a reserved exchange on the requested day.

7 – Dealing with Incorrectly Settled Internet Reservations
Interchange ČR reserves the right to check the conditions on an internet reservation in connection with its settlement.
Claims are possible to make only up to two months since the date of order collection, this time period relates only to the reservation and not the actual transaction.
For technical reasons or in the event of the failure of the human factor, in exceptional cases there could be a situation where the conditions of a settled reservation differ from the conditions of the order’s reservation.
In the event a customer ascertains such difference and needs the situation to be resolved, he contacts Interchange, which, in co-operation with the customer, checks the situation and resolves it.
In the event the difference is ascertained by an internal check by Interchange, Interchange is entitled to contact the customer and resolve the situation with him in the event the difference arising is to the customer’s disadvantage, both parties (Interchange and the customer) will agree on the method in which compensation will be sent to the customer.

8 – Important Warnings
A reserved exchange can only be collected at the branch the customer selects when making the internet reservation. In the event the customer comes to another branch, Interchange ČR can settle an internet reservation only in the event that the requested exchange is available at the other branch, and the current rate of this other branch at the time of collection will also be used. In this connection Interchange ČR draws attention to the fact that rate lists for collection at branches in the centre of Prague and collection at branches at Václav Havel Airport, or other branches outside Prague are different.
A reserved exchange can be collected at the selected branch during the branch’s opening hours. It is recommended that a customer does not leave the settlement and payment of an internet reservation to the last moment, but, on the contrary, leaves plenty of time for the realisation of an internet reservation, in particular if the customer plans to settle and pay for an internet reservation at a branch at the airport before departure.
Interchange ČR draws attention to the fact that in the case of less usual currencies it may occur that there is a lack of bank notes with lower nominal values for the payment of the precise amount requested in a reservation and there are only bank notes with higher nominal values.
Interchange ČR does not bear any liability for the impossibility of making a currency reservation over the internet reservation system due to an outage of the customer’s internet connection, an outage at the server at which the internet reservation system is located or for any other reason that could be caused by a current limitation on the option of making an order for an internet reservation.

9 – Personal data security and protection
The personal data controller (Interchange ČR) declares that all the gathered personal data (given name, surname, email address, telephone number) is confidential and will be used exclusively for the correct processing of a reservation and retrospective checking of reservations, where the consent to the processing of personal data granted by the customer is valid for a maximum of 90 days or up until the withdrawal of consent by the customer. After the expiry of this period, all the aforementioned records are erased or anonymized.
In the case of implementation of a transaction, the data can also be used for 90 days in the context of improving the offered services and marketing activity of the company and for a period of 10 years in the context of performing duties arising from the Currency Exchange Act 277/2013.
The customer has a right to access to his/her personal data, a right to its correction, including right to demand its removal via the telephone number: 224 948 445 (Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00) or e-mail
Personal data is processed and retained in compliance with regulation EU No 2016/679 (GDPR), and none of the provided personal data will be disclosed or provided in any way to a third party etc., with the exception of criminal investigation and prosecution authorities and other authorities of the state which prove a legal authorisation to require it and the contractual processor „Jiří Valoušek, Business ID No 75078121, having his registered office at the address Slatiny 397, Zlín – Malenovice“, who handles this data only on the basis of the controller’s contractual instructions.
The controller and processor protect the data from the access of unauthorised persons and with the requisite protection of software and hardware.
It proceeds in such a way that the data subject’s rights cannot be infringed, in particular the right to the preservation of human dignity, and it also ensures protection against unauthorised interventions in the private and personal life of the data subject.

10 – Law
Any disputes will be governed by the Czech legal order.

11 – Contact Details
In the event of queries from the customer concerning a reservation made over the internet reservation system, Interchange ČR can be contacted on +420 603 276 199 (daily from 08:30-20:00) or by sending an e-mail to: